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RAC Articles by Nancy Beckley

Read Articles on the Recovery Auditors (RAC) of Interest to Rehab Community.  

Background:  The permanent Recovery Auditor (RAC) program rolled out in 2009 with the four regional RACs conducting provider outreach as mandated in their statement of work (SOW).  The first automated issue to be posted was rehab issue:  billing of untimed codes in units greater than one.”  During the past several years Nancy Beckley has been a senior contributing editor at, as well as permanent panelist on the Monitor Mondays weekly podcast.  The articles below will give rehab providers some insight into the existing RAC program from a rehab perspective, and provide tips to provides for Scrapbooking Your Way to Success in a RAC World.

Over 28 articles on the RAC program by Nancy Beckley appear on

RAC ‘n Rehab© 2/2/2015: Midnight Train to RAC Region 5: CMS Ushers in a New RAC in End of Year Announcement

RAC ‘n Rehab© 2/2/2015: CMS Issues Guidance on Recovery Auditor Manual Medical Review of Claims over $3700

RAC ‘n Rehab©  8/15/2013: CMS Targets Outpatient Therapy Providers That Stopped Therapy Just Under the Therapy Cap

RAC ‘n Rehab©  7/24/2013:  Getting Started at the End of the Line: RAC Tips for Therapy Providers New to the Race

RAC ‘n Rehab©  6/6/2013: Is it Payback Time? Change to Payment Liability for Therapy Cap Denials

RAC ‘n Rehab©  5/16/2013: You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Outpatient Therapy and the Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage

RAC ‘n Rehab©  5/2/2013: Update your Rehab Scrapbook as the RACs Roll Out

RAC ‘n Rehab©  4/19/2013: Additional Document Submission Likely to Burden Providers Submitting CMS 1500

RAC ‘n Rehab©  4/9/2013: Connolly and Associates, the Region C Recovery Auditor (RAC) is the first of the 4 RACs to post the complex medical review of outpatient therapy:  Manual Medical Review of Therapy Claims over the $3700 thresholds.  Nancy Beckley’s breaking story appeared in the April 10th RAC Monitor.

Manual Medical Review of Outpatient Therapy Claims: Connolly First to Post Issues

Success Failure

OIG Releases Report on IRF:  CMS Response Indicates Potential RAC Involvement

Postcards on the Edge

The Curious Case of the CORF

Waiting to Exhale

Automated Reviews:  Good Reason for Making A List

The RAC Not So Open Door Policy

The Real Miami Vice for Medicare Fraud & Abuse

Taking the RAC Not So Open Door Policy to Washington

Don’t Mess With Texas:  CMS & Connolly Post the Texas Rollout

Likely Outpatient Rehab RAC Targets:  Hiding in Plain Sight

Catch Me If You Can: Staying Ahead of the RAC Reviews of Untimed Codes

The Geek Factor:  Do You Own Data Mining on the Medicare Contractor Web Sites

Local Coverage Determinations: Scrapbooking Your Way to Success in a RAC World

Trick or Treat:  Filling the Void Between Now and the Beginning

Florida Providers Report Receiving RAC Demand Letters

The RAC Race Has Begun – There is Still Time to Turkey Trot Your Way to Compliance Success

Region C RAC Posts 25 New Issues for DRG Validation

RAC Provider Outreach: The Not-So Open Door Policy

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