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Make Therapy PQRS Simple

January 28, 2014 1 Comment

Medicare + PQRS Made Simple Webinar – Did you miss the webinar? Click to Check the Clinicient Webinar Resource Page.

Make Therapy PQRS Simple.  Confused?  PQRS reporting must be implemented by private practice therapists to stave off future payment penalties.  Over the years since its inception this quality reporting program on an annual basis has had different quality reporting measures, different bonus structures, varied reporting methods, varied future payment penalties and a whole lot more.  For therapy providers who have minimally participated in 2013 to avoid the 2015 penalty, as well as those looking to report in 2014 to stave off the 2016 payment penalty it is likely that confusion abounds.  Correct?

The PQRS measures, reporting methods, payment bonuses as well as adjustments are detailed in the 2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule.  Additionally there is so much information on the CMS PQRS website, that you will likely not have enough time to read it, much less get directed to the information that will help you get started for 2014.  Providers in fear of yet another 2% reduction (2016 penalty) in Medicare fee schedule amounts report not being able to sleep at night.  So you are wondering – how do I make therapy PQRS simple?

Make Therapy PQRS Simple – Steps to Take

As part of an ongoing compliance webinar series with fellow NARA member CLINICIENT we are doing a complimentary (yes, that means FREE) webinar on not only how to make therapy PQRS simple, but also to provide some basic Medicare refreshers.  I won’t spill all the beans here, but want to invite you to sign up for the webinar.  If you can’t attend, you are welcome to sign up so that you will get an email when we have posted the recording as well as the handouts and “tools” that will help make therapy PQRS simple as well as other Medicare tools.

You be able to sleep at night to know that PQRS registry reporting is still free, and that you only have to report on 3 measures to stave off the 2016 2% payment reduction.  If you are looking for the 0.5% bonus, it becomes a bit more complicated – not bad complicated, but well, you know, complicated.  That will also be explained.  Update:  Get a copy of the webinar recording here: Clinicient Compliance Webinars

Thank you to colleague Jerry Henderson, PT at Clinicient.  He has a way with writing goals, and differentiating between impairment goals and functional outcome goals.  Just listening to Jerry talk about this is worth the price of admission (did I mention it was free!).  Hope to see you on Wednesday, January 29th.  If you have something you would like covered in a future compliance webinar, leave me a note in the comment section below or contact me through my website (“Contact Us” button on website top bar).

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