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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition support and due diligence activites by Nancy Beckley

Investors continue to have a interest in the outpatient physical therapy market.  Despite the declining reimbursements from governmental and other payors the investment community is interested in outpatient therapy due to a conflux of other factors.  The ageing of the baby boomers, increased access to therapy by the newly insured, and aggressive cost savings programs by CMS and other major insurance companies to reduce costly surgeries and hospitalizations in favor or more conservative treatments such as physical therapy show a bright opportunity for investment.

As therapy practices consider development plans as well as exit strategies the plan often focuses on revenue stream, as good financials, productive contracts, and consistent referral sources make a willing provider and attractive merger or acquisition target.

Risk and the Value of Compliance

The future value of a company is tied to a commitment to compliance. Providers operating in today’s world of audits, investigations and prepayment reviews mitigate risks through an effective and working compliance program based upon a risk assessment and designed to detect, correct and prevent compliance issues.  An effective compliance program is more that an auditing checklist to ensure that all chart elements of documentation are in place.  Physical therapy “platforms” and therapy investors alike seek to ensure that a platform is build on a solid foundation and that De Novo clinics as well as acquisitions don’t increase risk.  An effective and fluid compliance program based upon the seven elements to mitigate risk.

Due Diligence Support

Nancy Beckley and Associates have been providing support in mergers and acquisitions space for nearly 10 years working with provider therapy platforms, equity firms, financial lenders, brokers and consultants to assist in the due diligence process.  Contract Nancy Beckley: nancy [at] nancybeckley [dot] com or call 414-748-4376 to confidentially discuss your project.

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