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CORF & Rehab Agencies

Nancy Beckley & Associates provides start up support for those providers developing rehab agencies and CORFs, as well as support to established Medicare certified rehab agencies and Medicare certified CORFs.  We have been involved with over 100 certified agencies and CORFs in all phases: from start up operations to mock surveys to policy manual development, site analyis, equipment orders, facility layout, Office of Civil Rights compliance, survey & certification appeals, as well as staff and board training.

Survey and CertificationWe offer a webinar designed for those interested in starting a CORF or purchasing a CORF designed to get you up to speed quickly on CORF requirements and to assist you in determining if a CORF is the right vehicle for your outpatient therapy clinic.

Nancy Beckley & Associates is an active member of the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies, the professional association representing Rehab Agencies and CORFs.  Nancy Beckley has served on the CMS CORF Professional Expert Technical Panel, and was a faculty member for the CORF Development workshop series presented by the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association.  She is recognized by her peers as an expert in CORFs, and has worked extensively with CORFs in Florida who have undergone aggressive review as part of Medicare program safeguard activities targeting fraud and abuse in South Florida.

Become A Medicare Therapy Provider

Most outpatient rehab providers participate in the Medicare program.  Medicare outpatient services are paid for out of the Part B Medicare Trust Fund.  Outpatient Rehab participation can be in several ways:

  • Part B Supplier
    • Physical or Occupational Therapist in Private Practice (PTPP/OTPP) or Speech Language Pathologist in Private Practice
    • Part B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
    • May from Physical or Occupational Therapy Group Practice
    • Services may also be provided ‘incident’ to a physician’s practice
  • Part A Institutional Provider
    • Rehab Agency (OPT/OST)
    • CORF
    • Hospital Outpatient Department
    • SNF Part B
    • HHA Part B

What is a Rehab Agency?

Rehabilitation agencies are federally certified and provide an integrated multidisciplinary program designed to improve the physical function of handicapped individuals by bringing together a team of specialized rehabilitation personnel. At a minimum, a rehabilitation agency must provide physical therapy or speech pathology services. In addition, social or vocational adjustment services are also required.   A rehab agency may provide services at an extension site.

What is a CORF?

A Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) is a federally certified non-residential facilites established and operated exclusively for the purpose of providing diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled, or sick persons, at a single fixed location, by or under the supervision of a physician.  A CORF may provide certain services offsite, despite a prohibition on extension sites.

Medicare rehab providers are certified based upon the Conditions of Participation for each type of provider found in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Part A providers (Rehab Agencies & CORFs) make application to the Part A Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), and they are subject to the survey and certification requirements.  Surveys are conducted by the State Agency or CMS deeming authority in the case of a rehab agency.  State surveyors use interpretive guidelines to guide them in the survey and certification process.

Medicare suppliers (private practice) make application through the Part B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and for physical therapists in private practice are subject to a site visit, per the Affordable Care Act, as part of the enrollment process.  Site visits are not applicable for occupational therapists or speech language pathologists in private practice.

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