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Compliance Outsourcing & Oversight

Why Risk Assessment?

A facility compliance plan begins with a comprehensive risk assessment.  This risk assessment will analyze risks in general to all healthcare providers, as well as general rehab risks.  In addition a risk assessment will incorporate facility specific risks that have been identified.  The risk assessment will then in turn guide the development of auditing and monitoring activities.

Do You Have An Audit Program?Annual Audit Plan 

Following a risk assessment it is appropriate to develop an annual monitoring and auditing plan to continually assess compliance with identified risks.  The annual audit plan develops monitoring activities that are designed to quickly assess, detect, and correct compliance risks.  A routine monitoring activity might be an ongoing process to ensure that therapy plans of care are appropriatly certified by the referring physician.

The audit plan specifies the known topics and vulnerabilities and the method and schedule for review.  Additionally special audits are performed as the need arises throughout the annual audit period.  Having outside audit program oversight provides an unbiased assessment and in particular assists the small provider in compliance program development and implementation.

Special Audit Topics

From time to time a provider may identify areas of concern where outside expertise will assist in determining compliance.  This can emerge from a general issue in the environment, such as a CMS approved issue for audit in the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program.  Special audit topics may also emerge from identified facility vulnerabilities.  Nancy Beckley & Associates will discuss the scope of your special audit topic and as necessary identify those areas that should be investigated under attorney-client privilege.

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