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Policies & Procedures

Why Compliance Policies and Procedures?

Healthcare providers have become aware of the substantial adverse consequences that result from healthcare fraud and abuse that have reported by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG.)   It is advisable to not only establish a Corporate Compliance Program to address and mitigiate the effects of potential fraud and abuse findings, but to effectively integrate a both a culture of compliance as well as a practice of compliKnow The Rules Pertaining to Therapyance.

For rehab providers, including hospital outpatient departments, rehab agencies, CORFs, and private practice clinics, compliance policies and procedures should be tailored to the particular circumstances of risk associated with the provision of therapy services.

For rehab clinics with existing policies and procedures, compliance polices can be supplemented to these exisiting policies and procedures to form the starting point for an effective compliance plan.

Compliance Policies & Procedures Templates

Nancy Beckley & Associates can provide you with fully customizable policies and procedures to provide you with a jump start on your compliance program development.  This option is ideal for the provider that has the resources to take the templates to the next level of customization and integraton throught the facility.

Why Facility Specific Policies and Procedures

Rehab Agencies (ORF) and Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORF) require policies and procedures that comply with the Medicare Conditions of Participation that are specific to the facility.  Nancy Beckley & Associates LLC will provide customized policies that are designed to assist you in the survey and certificaiton process, as well as update policies and procedures in anticipation of a re-survey visit by the state agency.

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